About Ellijay Mushrooms

About Ellijay Mushrooms

It’s here in these picturesque mountains of Ellijay Georgia where you will find our magical fresh mountain ‘shrooms.

It has been said that you are the happiness you eat and we believe that wholeheartedly at Ellijay Mushrooms.

Our fungi begin their journey on 171 acres of Georgia mountain land shared with Buddhist monks—we believe in stewardship of land, growing community and putting our energy into furthering sustainability, diversity and inclusivity.

Some fantastic fungi spring from the magical mountain water of Ellijay, Georgia. The cleaner the water, the tastier the ‘shrooms and Ellijay Mushrooms has an ample supply of pure, good h2o—a megadose of fresh Appalachian mountain water infuses these ‘shrooms with natural minerals, making them nutritious & delicious.

Maintaining & multiplying mountains of mushrooms is what we do best.

The art of growing tasty, edible mushrooms is something our fungi-fueled manpower of farmers is mighty good at—the proof is in our marvelously flavorful mushrooms. It probably doesn’t hurt that these mushrooms share land with meditative monks who sample and marinate on their homegrown mushroom yumminess.

Currently operating with five greenhouses and two Oyster Mushroom houses, Ellijay Mushrooms is actively expanding our footprint with additional greenhouses being built as we speak. We grow our shiitakes in double layered greenhouses and the oysters in refurbished 53’ reefer trailer.

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